5 Questions About Eternity


Introduction: What is your playground?

Life is like a playground.

We all ask questions that reveal one thing about how we view life. Life is like a playground, life is just about finding enjoyment or doing what you want to do, your playground may be different from the next persons but when it comes down to it, life is all about you.


Question #1: Who is God?

Is He what we make Him to be? Is He just some ambiguous life force? The Bible clearly states who God is. He is the eternal creator, the holy and righteous one, the all-knowing judge, and the loving savior for those who believe.


Question #2: How Does God Make Himself Known?

How does God Make Himself Known? Does knowing God depend on you having an experience? Or is knowing God some feeling that you have to have? God communicates himself to you through creation, and more specifically through the Bible, His spoken word.


Question #3: Why did God make us?

Did God make us as a cosmic experiment? Or are we here just to climb the food chain, and hurt everyone on the way up? God created you for his own glory, to know him, and enjoy him forever.


Question #4: How can we have a relationship with God?

Do you have a relationship with God? Naturally, we do not have a joyful relationship with God because sin has entered into the world. Our sin separates us from God and must be punished in Hell, so we need someone to deliver us from the penalty and power of sin.


Question #5: How does God provide this relationship?

Does God provide a way for this relationship? The answer is yes. God saves all those who turn from their sin and trust in Jesus Christ alone. Admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came and took your place; and call on the name of the Lord. Put your will under his will. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Tech Note: Text and video (embedded) from fivequestions.tv: with permission from Galkins Evangelistic Ministries.

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